UOXF – University of Oxford

UOXF is the coordinator of the biomarker work package, the team within the Western General Hospital will deliver data with respect to biomarker discovery.

The participating member is J. SATSANGI.


CCFA has contributed to the design of the SPARE study protocol and is responsible for the healthcare providers survey.

The participating members are C. SIEGEL and JF. COLOMBEL


Scinnamic is responsible for the project management and for providing a daily assistance to the coordinator.


UCL is involved in the healthcare authorities survey and in the global appraisal of the strategy.

The participating members are J. MACQ, O. SCHMITZ and T. VAN DURME.

INSERM, Paris 7 University

INSERM is in charge of the integration of both clinical and non-clinical data generated during the project in a comprehensive database. INSERM is also responsible for doing global analyses.

The participating members are S. CHEVRET, M. RESCHE-RIGON and J. LAMBERT.


UGOT is the leader of the work on health economics.

The participating member is K. BOLIN.


AFA is responsible for the patients’ perception survey.

The participating members are A. BUISSON and A. OLYMPIE.


IBDIM, the research organization affiliated to ECCO (European Crohn’s and colitis organization), is the continuous head of the dissemination process. IBDIM is responsible for managing the knowledge platform, the critical appraisal of the concept and organizing guidelines writing.

The participating members are J. GABRIEL, M. FERRANTE and C. LEES.


SRF is responsible for the pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity tests. SRF will participate in the interpretation of drug/anti-drug antibodies results for the outcome prediction.

The participating members are S. BEN-HORIN and O. PICARD.


The CHARITE is involved in the SPARE clinical trial with German centres.

The participating members are B. SIEGMUND and J. PREISS.